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CD on : Basics on 


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I. We cover the following topics in our C.D :


  1.         An analytical study on Investment: How to find the best  

                suitable investment.  


  1.         How does a business develop into Public Ltd Co. thereby floating its public shares

  1.         What is share and what are its advantages


  1.         Primary Market (I.P.O/Public Issue) and Secondary Market

              (Share Market)


  1.         How to apply for public issue and how to choose an I.P.O


  1.         How to enter into Secondary Market?


  1.         Secondary Market as Investment field & Gambling arena: How to distinguish and    play safely


  1.         Picking up shares for Trading & best Return; and Choosing Shares for Investment & Appreciation


  1.         Choosing shares for Investment


  1.         Sources of information about Shares and Companies to enable you for Profitable Trading / Investment



  1.         What are NSE and BSE, and What are SENSEX and NIFTY? Complete information


 12.            Types of Trading, Techniques of Trading and Methods of Fundamental &  Technical          Analysis    


  1.          Factors for Share Movements and Reasons for its’ Volatility



  1.          On-line Trading:

(a)              Advantages

(b)              Factors to observe

(c)              Precautions


  1.          Other On-line Tradings for more Profitability with  less Investment:-

    (a)    Future & Options 

    (b) Trading in Commodities 

    (c) Forex 

    (d) Latest Product: Currency Trading

This CD contains 2,438 printable pages* of both (a) absolutely required information in detail and depth with a lot of graphs to explain clearly for the regular trading people and (b) simple explanatory methods of telling the concepts for the beginners; thereby it is our aim to make every participant thorough in dealing with shares,  commodities and Forex with confidence towards enviable prosperity. Moreover, as this CD is backed by our Web-Site, the CD purchasers can get updated always with the latest information and news on the above/new topics and learn about any newly introducing system, or product, in detail.

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One Free e-book ‘How to become Rich' 



II. Charges in this regard are as follows :


The CD costs Rs.300  plus dispatch charge of Rs.50 extra.



III. Mode of Payment:


(i) You may pay full amount of charges




(v) You may remit first Rs.200 to our Bank's Account and the C.D will be dispatched by V.P.P for the payment of Rs.175.




IV. Method of Payment:


Please remit the amount to one of the following accounts and inform the details of your payment and your full address to our email ;  the CD will be dispatched within 24 hours, and the details of the dispatch will be intimated to your email immediately.


Remit the money favouring: D.K.Suresh


(i) First preferred account:-

I.C.I.C.I Bank A/c No. :   625501515416 of Mysore Main branch.


(ii) Or otherwise you may pay in this account also:-


SBI A/c No. : 10212411814 of Hebbal Industrial Area branch, Mysore.


(iii) Or otherwise, as we don’t accept credit/debit cards, you may directly send the amount either by Demand Draft favouring ‘D.K.Suresh’, or by Money Order to the given Postal Address.



V. Reference:


In case of any difficulty you may contact Mr.D.K.Suresh, the Course Director.

@ Mobile:-within Karnataka:9731782590

& from outside Karnataka:09731782590

Postal address: 73, 2nd Cross, 2nd Stage, Hebbal, Mysore-570017, Karnataka, India.

The institute’s email:

D.K.Suresh’s Personal e-mail:


* Please see herein below for the details of chapters and number of printable pages each chapter contains



I. Pages about Shares only Total Pages in CD
Title of the chapter No.of Printable Pages 2438
1.  Investment Advice 17
2.  Basics on Shares Trading 25
3.  Share 7
4.  Primary Market 3
5.  I.P.Os 11
6.  Stocks 19
7.  Equity 4
8.  Descriptive way of explaining how to study equities 124
9.  Beginner’s Guide on Basics to the Stock Market 87
10.Tutorial on Stocks from U.S.A 13
11. Share Market 2
12. Demat 5
13. Stock Exchange 40
14. Stock Market Index 25
15. Main Points for Stock Volatility 2
16.Some Important terms in share market and in share trading 3
17.Brief Note on  ADR & GDR 4
18.Story-Telling method of explaining about Trading in Stocks 212
19. Types of Trading 33
20. On-line Trading 4
21.What is limit order 3
22. Derivatives 14
23. Futures 53
24.Options 44
25. Analyzing Company Statements 4
26. Technical Analysis and Charting 44
27. Stock Splits 3
28. About Stop Loss 5
29.About Short Selling 3
30. About Buy-backs 2
31. About Stocks Auction 4
32. Guide on Margins jointly issued by NSE & BSE 17
33. Industry-wise Companies whose shares are quoted in Share Market 65
34. Information, Rights, Safeguards and Redressal for Investors 17
35. Reference Sites in Internet 2
36. Mastery of Market profits - an e book 80
Total 1000
II. Pages dealing with Commodities
Beginners's Guide on commodities 26
Commadaties Trading 17
List of Commadaties 4
Demystifying Commodities 30
Short Course on Commodities Trading 9
Commodity Futures Trading for Beginners 16
Beginners Guide to Commodities Futures Trading in India 16
Commodity Futures Trading Course 31
Fundamental Analysis of Commodities 21
What are Pivot Points 7
Total 177
III. Pages dealing with Forex
Beginner's Guide to Forex 17
Basics of Forex 5
School of Forex Education 188
Trading Forex in India 17
Currency Derivatives 55
Seven Levels 25
Profitable Foreign Trading 22
Forex Manual 141
Study Book for Successful Foreign Exchange Dealing 69
Money Management and Risk Controls 11
Controlling Risk and Capturing Profits 20
Guide to Foreign Currency Trading 45
Sharpening Your Trading Skills : Tools the Winners Use 24
Strategies to dominate Forex 143
Psychology of Trading 4
Cooking in Forex 32
Trading Plan Template 29
Total 847
IV. Pages dealing with Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Basics 18
Mutual Funds Explained 10
Assets Allocations in Mutual Fund 3
How to evaluate the fund manager of Mutual Fund 6
How does Mutual Fund Works 4
Important Mutual Fund Companies in India 5
Mutual Fund Guide for NRIs 4
How to choose Mutual Fund 3
total 53
V. Other Chapters
Details on Real Estate Investment 113
Various schemes on Life Insurance benefit with Mutual Fund return 142
Tutorial on Investments 14
Various Savings Schemes 12
A complete Book on 'How to become Rich' 80


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