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We, V.B.S.Institute, are running classes regularly on “Basics on Share Trading” especially of On-line Trading in residence, on shore and on-line thro’ internet; and for the people who can’t attend classes either in person or in internet, we supply C.D which contains the lessons in depth.


I. We cover the following topics in our class on Basics of Shares Trading:


  1.         An analytical study on Investment: How to find the best  

                suitable investment.  


  1.         How does a business develop into Public Ltd Co.


  1.         What is share and what are its advantages


  1.         Primary Market (I.P.O/Public Issue) and Secondary Market

              (Share Market)


  1.         How to apply for public issue and how to choose an I.P.O


  1.         How to enter into Secondary Market?


  1.         Secondary Market as Investment field & Gambling arena:

              How to distinguish


  1.         Picking up shares for Trading


  1.         Choosing shares for Investment


  1.         Sources of information about shares and companies for your trading to earn

                   better return


  1.         What are NSE and BSE, and What are SENSEX and NIFTY?


  1.         Types of Trading


  1.          Factors for Share Movements and Volatility


  1.          On-line Trading:

(a)              Advantages

(b)              Factors to observe

(c)              Precautions

(d)              Practical Presentation of trading.


  1.          Brief Notes on

(a)              Future & Options

(b)              Trading in Commodities

(c)              Forex


  1.          How to make use of our C.D to sharpen your skill of Trading with safety

               for better return.


This class instills an absolute confidence for trading in shares by developing the required basic knowledge in Share Trading especially of on-line trading. As a bonus, a C.D will be provided  to each participant and this C.D elaborates the teachings in this class by dealing the matter exhaustively by way of lessons in the following areas:


·         Tutorial on Investments

·         Mutual Funds (12 lessons)

·         Share Trading (37 lessons)

·         Trading in Commodities (4 lessons)

·         Trading in Forex (13 lessons)

·         Life Insurance Products


thereby it is our aim to make every participant thorough in dealing with shares and commodities with confidence towards enviable prosperity.


Additional Bonus:- For those who join our course, or purchase C.D, we will provide FREE the vital information of share tips and its target for purchase every week for the first month, and this information costs you Rs.350 to Rs.1500 per month outside in the market.



II. Period of Class : 3-4 hours.




III. Method of Learning:-


(a) At present we are running classes on Basics in Share Trading & Tricks of the Trade

at Mysore on every Sunday between 10 A.M & 1 P.M.


(b) However, If you can arrange with more than 10 participants, we will conduct the

course at your specified place.


(c) Moreover, the people at farther places can make use of our internet class, 

wherein you get class key on payment of fee and by keying-in this key number in the site, you have to register at the first time and thereafter by logging with your id and password, you can go thro' the lessons, or download the lessons, at your leisure for a period of 3 months.


(d) Alternatively, due to inability to attend any class, you may order for the C.D 

to go thro' the exhaustive lessons on your own. 




IV. Charges in this regard are as follows as per the item you opt for:


1.      If you attend the class at Mysore : Rs.250.




2.      If you arrange a class at your place with minimum of 10 participants:

Rs.250/- per participant plus one person’s to & fro charges.




3.      We are running the same class in internet and the course fee is : Rs.150.




4.      If you like to have our C.D without attending the class: Rs.200 + courier charges.




V. Mode of Payment:


(i) You may pay full amount of charges mentioned in the respective item you opt for




(ii) For the first item you may register and pay at the time of attending the class.


(iii) For the second item you may remit Rs.50 per participant plus one person’s to and fro charges from Mysore to your place, and the remaining amount of Rs.200 per participant may be paid at your place.


(iv) For the third item, You remit the full amount of Rs.150 and you will be provided class key with which you may register in the site and read the lessons and articles in the site whenever you like but for a period of 3 months.


(v) You may remit Rs.50 for the 4th item and the C.D will be dispatched by V.P.P.




VI. Method of Payment:


Please remit the amount to one of the following accounts and inform the same to us to our email Immediately you will receive a Receipt Number, which reference number you may quote in your further correspondence; however you will receive the respective registration, or confirmation, or class key, or the details of dispatch of C.D within 48 hours.


Remit the money favouring: D.K.Suresh


      SBI A/c No. :                 10212411814


I.C.I.C.I Bank A/c No. :   625501515416



VII. Reference:


In case of any difficulty you may contact Mr.D.K.Suresh, the Course Director.

@ Mobile:-within Karnataka:9902363602

                & from outside Karnataka:09902363602

@ Res.Tel.No.:- 0821-2304230.

Postal address: 73, 2nd Cross, 2nd Stage, Hebbal, Mysore-570017, Karnataka, India.

The institute’s email:-  

D.K.Suresh’s Personal e-mail:


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